I had the pleasure of working with Nathalie while at the Law Offices of Jacob Sapochnick. Nathalie is a very talented legal writer and researcher. She is detailed and thorough and she takes the responsibility for each task until its completion. She is highly dependable, someone whom you can trust to get the job done and get it done well. While working as a paralegal, Nathalie was involved in assisting attorneys in case preparation, handling complex tasks, including writing letters, briefs and motions. Later, she also became involved in doing research and writing articles for the firm's website and blog.Nathalie also created a FAQ section on the site, covering all immigration visas, a huge project, which made the firm's site stand out. I supervised the work of Nathalie on the site and rarely her work needed any correction. Her legal writing is perfect and she is able to explain any subject in a very comprehensible manner. Nathalie will be an asset to any organization. I give Nathalie my highest




Attorney Kate Powell

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